Seasonal Business Opportunities Available!

We are excited to offer seasonal retail opportunities to business owners and entrepreneurs. The summer and fall seasons brings a wide range of shoppers to the area, and the adjacent RV Resort and RV Park offer an instant market for your product or service! Our spaces and shopper profile make this the perfect opportunity to:

  • Expand a current retail store - offer the best of your current business in a great new location!
  • Start up a small business - Always wanted to open a gallery? Or how about an arts-and-crafts store, candle or gift shop? Need a space to sell your tshirt designs? Or hand-made items? How about souvenirs, antiques or local finds…
  • Open a Coffee Shop
  • Create a cooperative retail store! Share a single space between multiple vendors or craftsmen, and take turns 'manning the shop.'
  • Or maybe you are a pet groomer or want to offer 'pet sitting' or dog walking services? We currently have a dog wash station in place, with additional spaces in the facility perfect for this type of business!
  • RV or 5th-wheel Trailer Sales - We have a great location to 'show off' your inventory: a large open space is available just across the street from the main RV Park/Resort entrance! Additionally, one of our small retail cabins could function as a sales office!

Available Spaces

We currently offer a number of small cabins designed to accommodate small retail spaces or office headquarters. Each individual cabin offers a one-room layout, with electricity, landscaping and maintenance.  Restrooms will be provided in a central location/common area.

Contact Roland today for more info about this exciting project!