Early Summer 2011

Jeeping (June 15th)

We went to La Garita and saw the 160 yr old wagon tracks, Natural Arch and had lunch at the La Garita Trading Post.

Riding our UTVs  (June 4th)

What a great time we had with our RZRs.  We had 10 RZRs with 17 people. We went up Little Rat Creek and found a nice clearing next to the creek where we had a cookout.  We created a wind break with the RZRs and made a campfire.  Everyone cooked what they had brought and we celebrated the beginning of our riding season.  There was snow on the peaks and our trail was blocked by snow not far from where we stopped.  It was a great day!
Our second ride was up Bachelor Loop to the waterfall.  We had 8 RZRs with 9 riders.  Rangers have blocked the trail adjacent to the waterfall so we stopped in the designated area and viewed the falls from a distance.  The water was shooting out of the rocks and even though we were ½ mile away we could see it clearly.  Another beautiful day!

4 X 4  News from Mountain Views (May 27th)

Even though there is lots of snow on the peaks we ventured out for our first run of 2011 in our Jeeps. What a beautiful day to try going over Stony Pass. We rounded the Rio Grande reservoir and headed up the trail.  We went through some mud puddles and streams and made it as far as 10,780 ft. elevation where we ran into high drifts which blocked the trail.  On the way back we spied a moose eating some tall grass. We can’t wait for the snow to melt so we can make it to the summit.  Come join us for lots of fun on the trails.

- Gary & Linda

Property Values Increase Immensely

From the Mineral County Miner: Thursday, June 9
Mineral County Assessor reports that Mineral County has not faced the number and frequency of foreclosures that have become common elsewhere, which has allowed most of the properties withing the county to increase in value from 5 to 30 percent.
  Mountain View's Comment - "We're happy to say that we are experiencing the increasing in our resort area property as well!"