December 2010

JUNE + JULY + AUG. + SEPT. = $1M

Yes, it is true! Mountain Views RV Resort hit the ONE MILLION DOLLAR plateau in first time sales and resales this past summer.   In talking with other resort owners and people in the industry, this was quite an accomplishment during these troubled economic times.  We are truly humbled and so much appreciate the support our lessees have given to us. I am happy to say that, at this point in our Resort Area selling, there has not been one person who has invested in our property that upon resale have not made a very substantial profit on their space, and that is not counting the benefit of just having their own lot to enjoy.


Our 2010 Rally guests enjoyed eighteen successful rallies!  The clubs we were privileged to host included many new groups as well as those returning from past years. Our 2011 Rally Calendar is already filling up rapidly- we presently have ten confirmed groups and several more that we are still waiting to hear from.  One of the clubs we will be hosting is comprised of 90-l00 exciting is that?  We are looking forward to having them come. We are very excited about how our Rally business has grown over the last few years.  If any of you have a group of ten or more rigs, we would be delighted to host your group as well.  See you all in 2011!!
Helen- Rally Coordinator 


I’m sure most of you have heard the saying, “You’re just preaching to the choir.”  Well, that is how I feel each time that I write a few words in the Mountain News about our beautiful area.  Many of you have been coming to Creede and what is now Mountain Views RV Park & Resort for many, many years, so you know about the beauty we enjoy.  On the other hand, your first trip to our beautiful little corner of the world may have just taken place, and now you know why we like to call Creede, Colorado, “home.”  But, whether a first time visitor or a long time Mountain Views returning family member, we want to say a big thank you for your support. Because of your continued support in 2010, we celebrated our Tenth Anniversary and each year we have exceeded our previous year’s attendance and bookings- again, a BIG thank you to all.

Book Early

Enclosed with this copy of the MOUNTAIN NEWS, is our Reservation Form for 2011.  Beginning January 2nd, we have two ways for you to make your reservations- Bonnie will have the computers up and running, waiting for your phone calls, or you may just use the form and enclose it with your deposit check.  Don’t forget that some of our lessees put their space in the rental pool, plus we now have several of our own upgraded spaces available in the Resort area as well.  These spaces are rented at a higher daily, weekly or monthly rate than the spaces in the RV Park.  Ask for more information.

creede29_Hiking--30M8E8613Hiker's Reflections

From Tristan MacDonald The 2010 hiking season in Mountain Views Resort and RV Park was a most successful one.  There were fourteen led hikes on Thursdays throughout the summer, plus numerous other hikes to different locations in the area.  These included two 13,000 ft. peaks.  The greatest achievement came in August when eleven hikers set out to climb Handie’s Peak at 14,048 ft.  All eleven made it to the top, a great experience for all. In September, on a very cold morning, once again, eleven hikers started the ascent of Redcloud at 14,034 ft. and Sunshine at 14,001 ft. Of those eleven, nine made it to the top of Redcloud and three made it to the top of Sunshine.  A very long and exhausting day, but well worth it. The hiking season was brought to a close with a loop hike through the fall leaves from Shallow Creek to the McKenzie Trail, eight miles of great beauty.  The fall colors were the best we have seen in our ten years of visiting Creede. We look forward to leading hikers next year and would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill, Sue, Dan, Carla, Hal and Verdi for all of their help this past season.  Thanks for the Surburban, Hal!!”

creede main streetMineral County Miner Headlines

MARCH 4, 2010
Governor Taps Creede As Art Town.  Town bests twelve other nominees.

AUGUST 19, 2010
HECA Rep Discusses Creede Drilling.  The last mining operation pulled out of Creede in 1985 with the Bulldog Mine still having 37 million ounces of silver in place.  The current three-year project is costing $23.2 million.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2010
Country Coach Texans Donate $3,700 to Local Food Bank.  33 coaches held their rally at Mountain Views, September 15-19.  Betty Jo Bell, who administers the food bank, said this money will be helpful in providing perishables to the needy in Creede this winter.

OCTOBER 7, 2010
Mineral County Third Least Populated in State.  The 2009 Census is estimated at 937.  (Roland’s note: “With this number, you can see why we love this place!”

OCTOBER 14, 2010
Comments Sought on ATV Trail Proposal.  The purpose of the project would be to link the Wager Gulch- Carson 4X4 and Lost Trail Creek ATV Trail.

OCTOBER 21, 2010
Subdivision Ready for BOCC Approval.  The current development plan is for commercial buildings at the corner of Airport Road and Highway 149.  This is the new gas station and convenience store we have been waiting for.

Wi-Fi Will Fly!

At Mountain Views, we recognize that Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but a necessity of life for most travelers.  This past season, we had some problems with our system that had worked perfectly in 2009.  Why the problems this past season, I cannot explain.  But what I can say is that we not only spent thousands of dollars, but will continue to spend what is necessary to give you the best possible service available for our area.  For 2011, we will be installing THREE MORE HARD WIRED TOWERS in the park for better service and THREE HARD WIRED WORK STATIONS in our Pony Express Building for your use.

Get Ready for CRT's 2011 Season

The Creede Repertory Theatre just completed it’s sixth record breaking season in a row.  By mid- September, attendance exceeded 20,000 patrons.  They had the most sold-out perfomances ever.  The CRT has received a federal grant, which will allow them to open a beautiful new Main Street “2nd Stage Theatre” in July, 2011.

Something New? Maybe...

Political change- With the November elections now behind us, providing what I hope will be a CHANGE in the direction for our country, there may be some additions to Mountain Views RV & Resort properties.  Maybe Phase IIA?  We will see if the politicians keep their word, start to cut the deficit and get the American economy going in the right direction again.  2012 is just around the corner!

laundry_0012It's a HIT!

Our new laundry- 20 washers and 24 dryers.  Here are a few comments:
--“Best and biggest I have ever seen in a RV Park.” 
--“Fabulous-no waiting!”
--“It is almost a pleasure to do my laundry in this place!”


Due to the expansion of our Park and Resort Areas, I find that my limited time keeps me from some of the things I really enjoy doing- like taking our guests and friends on 4X4 tailgate trips up into our magnificent mountains.  Gary and Linda Van Der Starr (our new lessees) have graciously said they would be happy to step in and take this over for me.  The Van Der Starr’s have both a Jeep and several ATVs.  Because of their love for the outdoors they will be leading 4X4 trips this summer.  At the time of this writing, I am not sure of the actual schedule they will be using but, when you check in, ask for the information- we will also post all trips on our marquee as you enter.  Time permitting, I will tag along as often as I can, words can’t really express how much I really enjoy this time, just being with new and old friends and seeing your response to God’s creation on each of these outings!

Seven Straight

Woodall’s has given MVRVR another prestigious 5-W/5-W rating for 2010.  That’s seven years in a row!  MVRVR is committed to continue this tradition of excellence for our guests.

A Special Word of Thanks...

To Bonnie and Jim Robinson, and Beth Robertson- Our office staff who will be returning this year! To Bob Collins- For his continued help and dedication to Mountain Views, thanks again.
To David Crossman- for his efforts in keeping all of our golfers happy with their tee times, etc. To Mark and Connie Hebert- for leading our exercise group; and for Mark’s continued dedication to Creede’s EMT staff.
To Alex and Tristan MacDonald- for keeping all of our hikers in shape and for not losing any of them on the trail.  (Below is a note from Tristan about our hiking club.) I would be remiss if I did not also thank Bryan and Lorna Price for their continued and sacrificial effort in heading up our Alpine Ministries each year.  I believe we averaged about 140 each week and, because of the supporters of this ministry, over $7,000 were donated back into the community.