Pet Wash Station / Care Facility

Mountain Views at River'sEdge features a state-of-the-art self-service pet-wash station

  • Dog Wash Modes
    • Shampoo - A gentle shampoo wash - work through coat
    • Flea Shampoo - Flea control wash - work through coat then rinse
    • Rinse - rinsing wash - rinse animal as needed
    • Condition - a gentle conditioner / moisturizer for coat health
    • Low/High Blow - Blow dry animal coat; use bowl to aid drying
    • Disinfect (for the tub, not your pet!) - Remove animal, rinse tub; replace hoses. DO NOT spray animal!
  • Dog Wash Instructions:
    • Secure your pet in the tub (there is a convenient door that opens for easy access, and two tether options)
    • Insert startup dollar amount and make your selection
    • Follow Menu instructions
    • Rinse tub when finished